Posted by: adegraffenreid31708 | 15th Jul, 2010


So, felt my first temblor yesterday…that was a shock to the system. At first, when the building rumbled a little bit we all were like, ¨is that an airplane flying too close??¨…then, it got a little stronger. Not a lot, just enough to rattle us a bit and make David a little worried that it could be an earthquake and not a temblor. So, we just kept on going with class.

Again…rain. thunderstorms. Sunny in the morning and then the clouds slowly creep up over the mountains and engulf the city (really cool looking) and it starts to rain about 3pm. sigh…i much prefer the sun.

TESOL….is really, really intense. I have no time to do anything but study (i´m only writing this because it helps me procrast working on an assignment before class starts 🙂 ). I´ve taught twice now for an hour each…it´s rough. Especially since, in my teaching group there are two really experienced teachers and me and another guy (David) with no experience what so ever. It makes our learning curve need to be steep and our incredibly green status much more apparent. It´s rough. Plus, lesson planning time…practicall nill. Worse since i have practically no access to the internet and know almost no teaching activities. I don´t see how Sarah can do it all the time…it´s hard.

So, the job search goes on. There are quite a few schools (primary and secondary) looking for teachers. So, we´re making lots of inquiries. I may end up at a primary…or, a middle school. It makes me panic a little, but we´ll see.

This weekend, i may actually get out of the city. Yay

Also, I met Paola and Jacobo yesterday (i´ll next be living with Paola´s mother). They´re wonderful people, really nice. I´m going over to see the condo on sunday. Yay.

ok…now i´m just late for class. ttyl


Are Paola and Jacobo related to Gabby? Glad to hear you’ve IDed your next living arrangement.

You’ll never believe this … but we had a temblor HERE today too! yeah. crazy. apparently it was centered in Germantown, ie. about 5 miles from my house. It woke me up & i could feel it shaking (gently, but still) for maybe 15 seconds. It was weird – in the andes I expect it, but not here in MD!

Anyway, teaching sounds really hard … good luck! you can do it!

You’ll get the hang of the teacher stuff. Hopefully you will get the position you want. Good luck with the TESOL!

I know!!n I was like, seriously, I leave dc for one of the most earthquake/stricken areas of the planet…and dc gets the earthquake. (Which should in no way suggest that <I want an earthquake…knock on wood.

Hope you're well! Have you heard from Sarah