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Hello from Quito!. Yes, I landed safely in spite of the storms and have had a fabulous few days.

So, leaving DC was interesting. Emma, mom and I got to the airport, got my bags out, said our good byes. Then, I walked away to the doors, and…….nothing. They wouldn´t open because those particular doors were still locked. It was so funny – and it completely ruined the moment.

Then, turbulence. On the flight to Houston it was so bad I found myself wishing that I hadn´t rewatched the pilot of Lost with my father. And they weren´t kidding about being in seat 1A. <there was no one beside me, and I was so close to the cockpit, the pilot and I could´ve had a slumber party. The flight Houston to Quito was similar. The turbulence wasn´t so bad, but it was so constant for three and a half hours that everyone on the plane turned green. Just watching the movie made me sick the plane was shaking so much.

So, we landed late at 11:30. Customs till 12. Then ANOTHER line to re-scan the bags. I didn´t exit till close to 12:45. Thankfully, the family was still there to meet me with a sign and a smile.

<the host family are absolutely lovely people. There´s Lupe and Jorge, both 60 who live in a lovely little flat in down town Quito. I spent the entire weekend with them and their family. They have three sons: Jorge Esteban, Diego, and Felipe. Diego and Jorge Esteban are both married, while Felipe lives with his girlfriend. All are absolutely the most lovely, welcoming people ever.

There´s a lot to get used to here. First: the lack of hot water. Oh. my. god. My first shower in sixty degree weather to ice cold water was….not funny. Aparently, shower water can get warm, it´s just broken. They´re working on repairing it, and it should be done tomorrow. But until then…

Second: perpetual spring. It stays between 50 and 66 degrees here all the time. Which is really nice during the day. At night, however, when there is no heat, it gets…really really cold. Elisa, you know all those times I complained the apartment was too cold at 71 degrees? I aparently lied. I mean, we have lots of blankets, but 50 is 50. <but, i´m starting to get used to it in spite of myself.

Three- food. I am simply not used to having soup at every meal. But, good. Lupita is a wonderful cook.

So, we visited this awesome archaeological, pre-inca site called the Rumipamba. It was awesome, with a gorgeous outlook of the city. I´m still not used to the altitude, so, it got m really out of breath. <But it was still fun. We also walked around the neighborhood some and went to a park to look over the colonial center and at the Panecillo. I can´t wait to visit the colonial center. I hope to have time to do it soon.

I started class today.This week – one on one spanish lessons and culture-history lessons. Next week we dive into teaching. Woohoo.

So, that´s it so far. I´m great, Quito is great (I can´t get over the beauty of being surrounded by mountains), and everything is going well.

For future travelers – altitude adjustment meds. No joke, they´re awesome. And they work wonders. I´ve only ever felt a little sick to my stomach, but nothing worse.

Hasta luego!!!!!


Door moment.. really very funny. Totally ‘ruined’ the moment in a classic, needs to go on film kinda way, don’t you think?
Great writing. Can’t wait to read the rest!

Thank God you are safe and happy. Storms? Glad I didn’t know about that. It’s looking kinda empty in the condo BTW. Emma stole your car.

I anxiously await your tales, and look forward to visiting.

Love you,

Yea! added the RSS feed. Had to append “/rss” to your URL.

Sounds like off to a great start. Good luck and may GOD bless you.

Hahaha, i WISH i could have some of your cold(ish) weather right now! I’m in Vermont, which is supposed to be our escape from the heat, & it’s over 90 for several days & they have no AC or fans :(. But still, I know what you mean about the cold showers & it’s not fun, so I hope yours gets fixed soon. And, I’m so glad for you that your host family is so great! That’s wonderful 🙂

Hi!! It’s good to hear from you!
Thank you!
Hope you are all well!