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…not, you know, to overstate things.

Sorry, I know I’ve been neglectful, but the only thing that’s been going on has been work. And there was no way I was going to use this as a public bitch-out session while I was still working there.

But, good news…I quit. Took me long enough. I’m sorry, but I work environment like that, where the stress caused paralysis in two people, put at least two others in the hospital with gastritis, caused another to get an ulcer, and made me physically ill to my stomach for two months was just not for me. And really, the admin should take not: when 10 people quit within 3 months, and four more have turned in their letters…..THERE”S A PROBLEM!!!!!

I still feel like censoring myself about my problems with the job, so I won’t get too in detail. But, I grew tired of the administration constantly lying to us, turning colleagues against each other for their own ends, and ignoring our pleas for assistance, better communication, and change. Not to mention the absolute hypocrisy of their fundamentalist Christian beliefs. I mean, really  – when I turned in my letter to the Director, this is what she said to me, “Well, we’re just going to tell the parents that you’re leaving because your mother is sick (lie). And, that’s what you should tell them too, to protect your integrity and the integrity of your students,”….then, she gave me a bible. Seriously. I was so…shocked. But, with everything, I should have expected it.

Then, after I’m done, they tell me I have nothing left I need to do for them, they call me back – when I no longer work for them all “Oh! You forgot to do this, this, and this.” I’m like, “No, because you specifically told me I didn’t need to do any of that. Several times. I even asked if you were sure.” Making me go the 45 min bus ride out there to work for 10 minutes, then 45 minutes back. I’m not even going to answer their calls anymore.

Although, my poor kids. When I introduced the new teacher, saying that she was going to teach them, they were like, “But, teacher Alexy. YOU’RE our teacher.” I melted, it was so sad. Then, the kids were very clingy to me for the rest of the time I was their teacher. Although, it was a little sad to leave the kids (cause they’re wonderful), I still danced my way out of there. Heh. My colleague jokingly asked me “Oh, do you need a tissue?? You sure??” And I was like…haha…no.

So, enough of that. I’ll tell the rest of the horrendous details of my job in person, because a public forum is not really the place.

So, in other news. I am free – until I return to the US on February 1st. That means….travelling!!!! First stop – the orient, aka the Amazon, baby. It’s going to be freaking awesome.

But before then, it’s Fiestas de Quito. So, until December 6th, it is a party in Quito. So, Saturday – parades. Sunday, Bull Fighting. It’s gonna be great.

The Bull Fights go on all week, so around the Plaza de Toros is INSANE. Cops, horses, drunk people, some protesters. Constantly busy.  I’ve never been to a bull fight before, so I am really looking forward to it…even though I don’t know if I’ll like it. It’s a whole group of us going :). I have gotten some slack about going from my former colleagues…animal rights stuff. I was like, “leave me alone! Never been!! Gotta go once!!

OOOO…tried Cuy today. There’s a traditional food festival going on for the Fiestas de Quito. I was walking through it and saw Cuys roasting. Usually, cuy is really expensive: 15 to 20 bucks for a plate. But, here, it was a little bit of cuy with chochos, papas, and salad for $5 – so I just HAD to try it. Although, from where I was sitting, I could see the roasting cuy facing me, their little teeth mocking me. So, I tried it. Don’t think I will again though, not because I thought it was gross…just because, I didn’t really like it all that much. But hey, soooo worth the experience.

So, last weekend was interesting. Last sunday, no one was permitted to leave their homes from 7am to 5pm for the national census. The only thing that kept me sane (because, it was a nice, sunny day for only the 2nd time in TWO WEEKS), was that I was helping grade my colleagure’s WWI history tests. OMG was it depressing. As I was grading these papers, I could feel myself crushing the souls of the little students with how bad they were. We’re talking like, 10 students out of 80 getting above a 70%. The problem is, suddenly, history this year is taught in English at ISM. But, the students do not actually speak English at a level where they can take science, computer, or history in English. So, they don’t understand…and fail…miserably.

Although, some things amused me:

Question: What were some of the teachnological advancements leading up to WWI?

Student Answer: Fire…………….FTW!!

Student ANswer: Bigger weapons, Better weapons, Badder weapons

Sorry, the entry will be longer and better – once I have interesting travel stories 🙂

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