Posted by: adegraffenreid31708 | 6th Dec, 2010

Fiestas de Quito and Bull Fights

Two posts in a week, I know…but this all merrited a post.

So, I am enjoying my dose of freedom.

Fiestas de Quito has been around! Which means…lots of dancing chivas. I didn´t part take as much as I´d like, but everything was either too difficult to get to by bus, or too late at night for me to get safely home.

But, I went to the parades…that was fun. WHOLE lot of people dancing about in traditional costumes, men on stilts, bands, etc. I lasted two hours, yes TWO HOURS. Then, I´d had enough…yet, the parade was going strong. It was amazing….I have NO idea how long it lasted for…but now, I´m done. I´ll post pics when I´m back in town.

Better-BULL FIGHT. Yes, I went and saw a bull fight…six of them, actually. Had to do it once. Having seen it, gotta say…not my thing. I always liked up until they actually killed the bull. But then it was just disturbing…seeing the bull slowly die, blood spilling out of it, its throat being slit, being dragged off by horses leaving a trail of blood behind it….really gross. But watching the matadors and the others go at it was really cool. This one guy, who won, got close enough several times to kiss its head or even just stare it down. He would just rest the sword on the bull´s head, and then turn his back and walk away. It was neat. This other guy was fighting it out ohn a horse. It was awesome, cause he and the horse were doing all sorts of cool tricks, like taunting the bull, and flipping back wards and stuff. Although, there was one terrifying minute where the bull gored the horse, causing the matador to fall off. The third guy—not so good. The bull caused his sword to go flying through the air twice – cool to look at, but not guy. One of the bulls even got close to boaring his way out of the ring, causing people to flee. It was lots of fun…save the killing.

So, now I´m on vacation in Tena. Here, with my light-weight long sleeved shirts…the liars. All sorts of people told me ALL about the mosquitoes, and how chilly it can get in the highland oriente, so I must bring lightweight-longsleeved shirts. Yeah…not a mosquito in sight, and it is swealtering. Oh, well. At least, technically, I´m in the Amazon..heheh….even though I haven´t seen much forrest here.

What makes it worth it though was the drive. Oh. My. God. What a drive. There were times, we´d turn a corner and I would be immediately placed into absolute shock and awe so much that tears came in to my eyes and I just laughed at the wonder of it all. It is astounding, and impossible to describe the magnificent wonder of seeing a seemingly unlimmited, beautiful expanse of pristine untouched GREEN. Just, mountains, valleys, farther than the eye could see of completely untouched jungle. It was…..I am still in awe of the meer memory. I tried, I did, to take pictures in an attempt to capture it. I got…three, but not so good. The bus, of course, was hurtling down the mountain road faster than superman could probably fly, sending me and my stuff in every single direction. Literally, every time we hit some thing I launched six inches into the air…not. joking. It was fun. 🙂 But, between holding my stuff, trying to stay upright and in a seet, and trying not to hit my head, taking a picture was…borderline impossible.

So, now I´m in Tena. Staying at the only hotel less than $10/night with rooms. Now, my light doesn´t work, and I can´t exactly figure out how to lock the door from the outside yet – only from the inside. But, it has a fan and a tv and a nice bed…so, tomorrow is another, adventure-filled day.

can´t wait.


You need a map! With markers….where’s Lexy now kinda thing 🙂

I bet there{s a plug-in for that 🙂
I{ll look in to it.

Where’s Waldo?

Hey Lexy … you should be carting around some sort of gnome or stuffed animal and taking pictures of it visiting all these places.


probably wouldn´t fit in my pack, though. But, a good idea nonetheless